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Anne's ask

Full time mom

Anne’s daughter keeps her busy, but she needs a laptop to work on her new business.

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“Adam took the time to explain  the differences between products so I felt ready to make a decision.”

-  Tina, Ashburn, VA

“My expert didn’t push at all. He gave me the suggestions and then let me make a final decision to buy. ”

-  Michelle, St. Louis, MO

“My expert quickly responded to my questions and led me to a solution which probably would have taken months of research.”

-  Jason, Concord, MA


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“I know how many options there are. Having too many options can be overwhelming. It’s rewarding to help people go from overwhelmed to happy and find exactly what they need.”

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What is AskAdam?


AskAdam provides shoppers with the information they need to make the right buying decisions. We believe that with the right information online shopping can be easier, more efficient and enjoyable.

Am I speaking with a real person or a chatbot?


Actually, you're speaking with both! This is what we believe makes AskAdam so special. When you start your chat, you are speaking with with Adam, our shopping artifical intelligence. Adam scans millions of products and reviews and recommends the items that best fit your needs. You can then speak with a live expert about the recommendations and make an informed buying decision (if you choose to do so).

Is AskAdam unbiased?


Yes. AskAdam is not affiliated with any single brand or company. We partner with large merchants like Amazon, Walmart, Ebay and Google in exchange for product inventory. As you're probably aware, these merchants have a lot of products––covering most of the popular brands and items. If there's something that isn't in our inventory, but you'd like more information on, our experts are happy to give you their qualified opinion––we'll then work on adding that item to our offerings.

How does AskAdam make money?


When you buy an item using AskAdam, this means that we have succeeded in our mission of matching you with the right product. As such, we receive a percentage of the purchase from our partners, known as a comission. This helps us to continue running AskAdam and compensate our wonderful experts––at no cost to you.

How do you find the right product for me?


Good question. After you tell us what you're looking for, we use artificial intelligence to scan millions of products and reviews to find the items that best match your needs. By doing this, we are matching your needs with the top-rated available products. We believe that this process results in happier and more satisfied shoppers :).